Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Zahra Sahel

After an open head letter of Rahmatullah Nabil electoral team to Amrullah Saleh was published in social media now he has now posted a serious response on his Facebook page as Mr. Nabil urged Mr. Saleh for leaving the president Ghani Electoral team. Mr Saleh’s has written in his message to Nabil: “I am working with President Ghani on four key areas to save Afghanistan from this situation. So my friends don’t worry about me. As I wake up and perform my first prostration, I realize that I am going to serve my nation with another day of fruit and grace. What we need is more unity and consolidation in order to prevent the spread of the cancer of terrorists and the virus of violent extremism. Stay with us and let’s build a better government. ”

Mr Saleh has also ironically told Mr Nabil that the only way out of the current crisis is to strengthen the republican system in Afghanistan, and if efforts are made to weaken the political system in the country, individuals and communities in the country will hardly do so. They get hurt. In his letter, Mr Nabil called on Amrullah Saleh to step down from Mr Ghani’s team, which is now mired in corruption and other challenges, which has led to slogans of government building and providing services to citizens. Margin. Mr Nabil also said being on the team would further discredit Mr Saleh.

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