Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Emran Khorasani

The family of 8 years old boy, whose child was kidnapped four days ago by kidnappers in Kabul, claimed that now they have found the dead body of their kidnapped son after hostage group took him away and then killed this teenager. According to the family of this kid, the dead body of this boy was found near a mountain in Qasabah district of Kabul. The father of this child has claimed, in contact with Pasbanan, that they have now received the dead body of their son from Kabul Police Station 15. The child’s family claimed that their kid was abducted by kidnappers from PD 15 of Kabul city.

Meanwhile, the child’s relatives say the father of the murdered child was in the ranks of the country’s security forces. It is also said that the body of this child was found near the Qasabah Mountains and then the body was transferred to the PD 15. The child’s father also said that the various numbers of kidnappers calling him were handover to the national directorate of security (NDS), but the security forces were negligent in connection with the incident.

With much effort, we could not handle the views of security officials. This event occurs as crime rates in Kabul, especially in the 11th and 15th police districts of the capital, have increased in recent days. Earlier, kidnappers took hostage a 6-year-old child named Mahsa and then she was hugged by the kidnappers, an incident that sparked the anger of the capital’s citizens, and the capitulates called for the execution of the kidnappers.

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