Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Zainuddin Fazli was shot dead by a Taliban in Maidan- Wardag province nearby Kabul a couple of days ago while he was deported from England. The British independent newspaper has quoted by Ms. Fazli the, her husband was sent back to Afghanistan after 16 years of spending his life in the UK. The man was 47 years old and had gone to Britain with his wife in 2000, after committing some minor offense he was deported by the United Kingdom. His wife said that the depression of Mr. Fazli led him to be deported by Britain back to Afghanistan. While he has 4 children from 16 to 3 years old and most of them were born in the UK.

Samira Fazli, the wife of Zainuddin Fazli the late refuge in the UK, says: “Life is hell for me without Zainuddin. I realized on Facebook a few days ago that a picture of my husband’s dead body had been published. After that, I could not get up for three days from my bed. My children were scared and in this 3 days, they were crying with me on my bed. Up to now, my 6 years old daughter doesn’t know that his father is shot dead by Taliban she is small and h haven’t told her the story of her father’s death, the UK government sent my husband to Afghanistan to kill him by Taliban without his case being investigated. ”

The incident occurs when dozens of Afghan refugees are currently felled in refugee camps in Europe, and it is still unclear whether European countries will qualify them for refugee status or deport them to their country.

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