Pasbanan- Kabul:

Fazel Hadi Muslimyar, the chief of Afghan senate, has announced that they are working for proposing a new law to prevent insulting and humiliating the Mujahedeen’s. Speaking at the 26th anniversary of the Mujahedeen’s victory against the former Soviet Union, Mr. Muslimyar said, “Anyone who insults the national and jihadist characters will have to deal with the judicial and judicial institutions of the country.

Meanwhile, President Mohammed Ashraf Ghani says at this ceremony that all Afghan citizens were involved in jihad, and anyone who insulted the Mujahedeen actually they are insulted their parents.

Mr. Muslimyar also says: “I am saying this openly that after mujahedeen’s victory some leaders fought for chair and power and some of them committed crimes that is unforgivable. But it does not mean that all of mujahedeen’s has committed crimes.” He continues to emphasize that the betrayal of some mujahedeen commanders should not offend the values of the jihad of the Afghan people.

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