Pasbanan- Kabul

While crime and kidnapping in Kabul and other provinces of Afghanistan has entered a new phase. It is believed that now fundamental objective of kidnappers will be foreign institutions staffs. According to reports, at around six o’clock of last night, an employee of the GIZ office was kidnapped by unidentified people from the Khwaja Mosafer area of Paghman district. Reports indicate that the person named Engineer Hassan. With all the efforts made, we were unsuccessful to have the view of the Kabul Police, and they didn’t provided details on the incident.

Earlier, a lady whom was working for UN was kidnapped at the time of morning with her child when she went to duty from the Kottale Khair Khana Kabul area related to the 17th Police District Zone and the driver was shot dead in the event. Up to now there is now news about the lady and her child.

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