Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Report: Mir Amiri

The Afghan government has increased tariffs on imported Chinese goods by 300 percent. The case, which, according to a number of businessmen, the Ministry of Finance will hurt middle-class traders, and dozens of containers of merchandise imported by traders have stopped in customs. It is also said that from one month on, the government has increased tariffs on Chinese goods from 150,000 Afghanis to 450,000 Afghanis. Mohammad Younis Mohmand, deputy trade secretary of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that the Ministry of Finance’s move has stopped the 5,000 containers of merchandise traded in the country’s customs frontiers and caused a net loss of about $ 1 million to businessmen. He has also said: Meanwhile, the government and the people would be hurt because the Chinese goods will soon be imported into the country from the border between Iran and Pakistan.

Meanwhile, one of the merchants, Khan Aqa Gulzad, says: “In general, businessmen in the country have neither security nor insurance, but as their goods cross the border, they give bribes, from the police to the customs officers every one ask for bribe, and the Ministry of Finance does not solve our problems. Nevertheless, Mohammad Ahmad Haidari, head of Kabul shopkeepers and sellers, says that increasing economic pressures on businessmen will be detrimental to the shopkeepers, and they will have to compensate these losses by raising the prices of the goods from the people.

At the same time, officials from the Ministry of Finance added that a number of traders between Afghanistan and China have imported similar goods into low-quality domestic products that have damaged homeowners and domestic producers, which is why the government is trying to prevent damage more than this.


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