Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Zahra Sahel

A new-born Indian pregnant woman who was using a Train to visit the city of Bangalore, gave birth to her son on the train while traveling, according to (New Indian Express) News websites. The site states that in the past eleven years this is the first time that a lady, gave birth to his son in the train. Indian Express also added: While the lady was feeling pain, two Nursing scholars who were at same train, found that she had a serious problem and the time for giving birth to his son had come.

This married 28-year-old lady is named Manama, who gave birth to her first child on the Train, the most amazing point which surprised everyone was, the delivery of Lady Manama by two non-graduate students who do not have enough education in the field of maternity. In addition, the child was born in the absence of any medical tools while she was giving birth during her childbirth, and the health status of child and mother were better reported.

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