Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

An Indian man after chopped his wife’s head went to police station and surrendered to police. Indian local media reported that the suspect identified as Satish, he chopped his wife due to the illegal relationship and traveled about 12.5 miles by his bike to surrender hi self to police. According to Indian Media, Satish went with a plastic bag says to Ajjampura police officer: “this is my wife, sir, I gave her all the love I could but she betrayed me.”

Indian media also reported that Satish pulled out his wife head from the plastic bag and said to a police officer: “I saw Roopa with a guy near the plantation, I killed her but that guy ran away.” Meanwhile, a police spokesperson said: “generally, in the Ajjampura area, whoever commits murder surrenders to the police but for someone to walk in and place ahead on the sub-inspectors table was something new for us.”

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