Pasbanan- Kabul:

According to reports, one day ago Farhad Tawhid Videographer and anchor of Ariana TV in Herat was beaten by police. This incident took place while MR. Farhad was looking to catch some videos of misbehaving of police, while police soldiers understand the issue, they beat Mr. Farhad.

Now Journalists safety committee has released a newsletter on this occasion, according to this letter: “while Mr. Farhad was looking to shot some videos of soldiers who misbehave with a civilian. While they saw that Farhad Wahid captured the videos in his camera from that scene, the attacked on him, also Herat police spokesman says: they are unable to investigate this event because it is high from their authority.”

The Journalists safety committee has also emphasized that they have informed police on this specific issue and they are willing to investigate further more.


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