Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mahdi Nayibi

The head of the Interior Ministry at the Kabul Crime Analysis Summit calls on all Afghan citizens to cooperate fully with the Ministry in order to eliminate criminals. Massoud Andarabi announced that the criminals will be champions by using social networks. Mr. Andarabi adds, “When a criminal exploits social networks, this issue cannot question the spirit and authority of the police. There is no doubt when the Afghan police shield against the world’s top caretakers. Who cannot arrest 4 confrontations that disrupt the security of the city? ”

The head of the Ministry of Interior also added: “Police in fighting offenders, in addition to having the facilities, capacity and technical tools, have a good cooperation with other security and intelligence agencies, especially the National Security Directorate; people are aware of the plans and achievements of the police, They must be aware of the pernicious thoughts of the perpetrators, so that they can work with the police and the security forces with confidence. The Interior Ministry has various tools for accessing complaints and awareness of the situation that citizens can communicate with the police through them, one of which is number 119. ”

Massoud Andarabi added that in coordination with the National Security Organization’s number 1001, the police could receive and deal with citizens, especially residents of Kabul, with calls from the public.

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