Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: M.M Northern zone

Sources in 888 Police Special Forces unit in Balkh say that the troops of this unit are patrolling in Balkh and the city has taken a military face. The source, who did not want to be named, Said to Pasbanan: “At present, the rival of the newly appointed commander of the Balkh Police has not left his office and Atta Mohammad Noor has ordered him to continue his duties, and now Eshaq Rahguzar the governor of Balkh and Khushal Sadat, a senior security deputy Interior Minister with are negotiation with Atta Mohammad Noor to end the current tensions at the eve of New Year in Balkh province.”

The source continues to add, “At present, 888 Police Special forces Unit is responsible for the security of the city and 333 Police Special forces are currently on standby situation.” Atta Mohammad Noor ordered the former commander of Balkh to obey his orders. Meanwhile, operations to arrest individuals affiliated with Atta Mohammad Noor have not been commenced yet, and all Special Forces of Police are waiting for the next mandate of the Interior Ministry. ”

The source emphasizes that special police forces are never considering destabilizing the city of Mazar, but they are trying to return to the earliest opportunity the situation of the city.

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