Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammaddin Agharkhil

Security sources whom were speaking in condition of anonymity said, in a telephone conversation with the Pasbanan media group News Agency, that anti-terrorism head of Zebak district of Badakhshan died due to fall down to ground from chopper. “The head of Zebak district of Badakhshan today died due to fall down from chopper in Eshkashim district why flying to Kunduz,” the source said in a phone conversation with Pasbanan. He has fallen from a height of at least 20 to 25 meters. Now his body is transferred from the hospital to the airport and we are willing to to get to his dead body to his hometown. ”

The source familiar with issue also said about incident and the name of the death officer as follows: “He was the police officer of the Zebak district Police Headquarters. His name is Islam din and he was a resident of Baghlan province. I cannot say anything about this incident, but I think that there were too many rash on the chopper while on boarding and the people were willing to get their self to the flight. I feel that he was not been able to fit into right place onboard , and it is also possible that he has been hit by the effect of being in an inappropriate place, or maybe he has been thrown out of the chopper. “

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