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In order to violate three patents, Qualcomm’s 25-year-old technology was condemned by Apple.

Two weeks later, a court in San Diego had filed a complaint with Qualcomm, sentencing Apple to a $ 31 million fine on Qualcomm on Friday.

Qualcomm had filed a lawsuit in San Diego two years ago claiming that Apple had used its patented technology in its new series.

Qualcomm believed that the technology used by Apple to speed up the connection of its products to the Internet immediately after it was turned on is the invention of the company.

Qualcomm also claimed that the technology used in Apple’s products for graphic processing, extended battery life, and the transfer of processing traffic between phone application processors and modems was the invention of the company.

Apple has used these technologies on the 7, 8, and X series iPhones.

Based on its findings, the court considered Qualcomm entitled to receive all the claimed patents, $ 31 million.

While Apple’s estimated revenue for the first three months of 2019 is about $ 90 billion, a fine of $ 31 million is not enough for the company, but the triumph of the court in San Diego is a great success for Qualcomm, and the company’s name More than ever, it is about mobile industry innovations.

Of course, the differences between Apple and Qualcomm will continue, and next month, the San Diego court will meet to review other claims by the two companies.

Qualcomm is a communications and communications technology and communications equipment company established in 1985 in San Diego.

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