Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Report and Image: Morteza Haidary

The Center for Protecting Young Journalists praised and honored today at a grand celebration of female journalists and young leaders. “The youth should always be praised, in the past, the establishment and coordination and relations between the three sponsor-journalists was not the case,” said Mrs. Farideh Nikzad, head of the Women’s Support Center, “Everyone individually sang their voice from a freelance No more impact. But fortunately, young leaders have shown that they are capable of doing great things. ”

Journalists’ youth and women have always been concerned that they have always been harassed and sexually abused in the media and have never been subjected to gender disparities between men and women in media institutions.

Ms. Beheshta Shaheen, representing the young leaders, said: “The media should give moral and professional commitment and prevent other women from working in the media to prevent any harassment of sexual, verbal, non-verbal and non-verbal abuse, regardless of their rights. He also suggested that more work be done to empower women and guarantee their rights so that women can continue to work in an environment that is appropriate and secure.

“We tried to include young leaders in this process with young leaders so that they could in the future be able to replace the institutions run by women to be in the federation, Ms. Tahera Firdous, representative of the Institute for Internews, said. During the process, three institutions run by women include the Women’s Journalists Association of Afghanistan, the Center for the Advocacy of Journalists in Afghanistan, and the Ladies’ Society for Radio and Television, which were able to guide young drivers in six months to increase their capabilty. »

However, it can be seen that media and government agencies will be taking steps to improve the job situation of women, which is currently the main problem in media?

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