Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Soraya Ahadi

Abdulhadi Arghandival, chairman of the Hizb-e-Islami separated branch, said that Afghan politicians are busy with their internal fight and they are running a cold war against each other instead of doing efforts to end the war in the country. He calls on all Afghan politicians to put Afghanistan interest as their priority instead of destroying each other. Mr. Arghandival says: “The personal interests of some people are now more that the national interests and Afghan politicians have forgotten Afghans interests, by using media and social networks, every politician is now struggling to create political conflicts among the citizens of the country.”

This political face also emphasizes: “All the discussions that have been conducted for distracting of the politicians by their competitors will never provide national interests, but will separate the nation, we must not go through one another’s mistakes and we must work together instead of destroying one another only for the interest of Afghanistan. for the sake of the nation we must forget everything and speak for the benefit of the community we should bring unity, but we should not do any act that encourage foreigners interest in the country and provide them this opportunity to misuse us. ”

Mr. Arghandival wants all the politicians and statesmen of Afghanistan to quit their differences and work together to ensure peace in the country, he stresses that past mistakes in the country should not be repeated once again.

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