Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

Arganjkhwah district once again came under the control of Afghan forces after two days of heavy fighting between the Taliban and the security forces. Sources in Badakhshan have said that the recapture of the district building and police command building of the Arganjkhwah has already taken place and it is under control of the security forces and now a cleaning operation is underway to clean up the villages of Arghanjkhwah district from insurgent’s presence. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense announced that during an air strike of Afghan forces Taliban had suffered heavy casualties in this district of Badakhshan.

Arganjkhwah districts of Badakhshan collapsed four days ago, after 20 hours of clashes between the security forces and the Taliban. Some source in Badakhshan has claimed that during this incident the commander of the local police forces in the district and his eldest son were killed by Taliban fighters.

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