Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

In Afghanistan that violence and killing of citizens become news headlines, it’s seldom that social issues can occasionally hit the headlines. In the most recent case, Ariana Saeed, a musician in the Afghan music industry, explicitly denounced veiled women in the country, said women wearing hijab, their body has the most awful smell. According to the young artist in the country, instead of having a veil, women have to emancipate their esoteric spells.

But in response to this insult, Ariana Saeed, Fereshteh Kohistani, a women’s rights activist in the country, says Ariana Said does not have the right to wear the veil. According to Ms Kohistani, the words of Aryana Said has turned to an insulting point for all Afghan women and she should apologize. “The hijab is the adornment of Muslim women, and I screw that one of my fellow women comes among men turns his body into trading and trade,” said the Fereshteh Kohistani, on her video which was published on social pages. On the contrary, women who wear hijab do not smell their bodies, but they are commissioned by Islam and women’s immunity is in the veil. ”

The video has created a sharp reaction on social networks, which has created double-headed women’s coverage in the Afghan community. But most women believe that weight and veil can reduce social challenges and somehow guarantee women’s immunity.

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