Pasbanan- Kabul:

Armed attackers fired at the security forces training center in Kabul, the secretary of the Fifth Security Division, in the area this morning. Hashmat Estanikzai, the spokesman of Kabul Police Chief, told Pasbanan that: “Around 10 am, number of attackers entered a semi-detachment in the Qal-e-Wazir fifth security division, they fired at the security forces training center in Kabul.” Mr. Estanikzai also added that four strikers in the building, two of them were killed by Afghan forces.

Meanwhile, witnesses said that the attack was carried out using a house and terrorists shot at the security training center after entering the building. In the same time, our correspondent in the area says that 20 minutes ago, there were two blasting heard, but so far the type of explosion is not clear.

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