Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Din Agharkhil

Abbas Stanekzai, deputy political director of the Taliban’s political office in Qatar, announced that the Afghan National Army, Afghan National Police and Afghan National Directorate of Security will be dissolved by the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. The state of Taliban has resulted sharp reaction of Afghan government officials. Now the second brigade commander of 209 shaheen corps has warned leadership of that they must throw this dream out of their minds. JalalUddin Yaftali, commander of the second command of the 209th Corps of Shaheen, warns the group that their fathers are not capable of dismantling Afghanistan’s security and defense structures. “I’m telling to Taliban the spies of Pakistan and Qatar, which you’re thinking of dismantling the army, your fathers can not do it if they become alive once again. The letter, which was read by you guys in Russia at a two-day summit, was a clear message from Pakistan and Qatar that had been instructed by the Taliban to raise these demands. ”

Mr. Yaftali also said that the Taliban insurgent group, is an unidentified and immigrant group and we all know they are puppet took orders from Pakistan. “dream of terminating the army is fantasy and impossible, because the Taliban still do not have identity, and the Afghan citizens will never recognize this group, yet Abbas Stanekzai and the Taliban leader are uncertain and their place is unknown, and Afghanistan has a dignitary armed forces which has recently eliminate several groups of Taliban insurgents and they will do this for ever.”

Two days ago, Taliban hosted a meeting with government-backed political opponents, in particular former President Hamid Karzai and his cabinet members in Moscow, in which the Taliban again reaffirmed the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan without any preconditions.

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