Pasbanan- Kabul:

After aggressive attacks of Taliban insurgents in center of Farah, governor of this province has announced that security forces were able to set back Taliban from center of Farah. Abdul Baser Salangi has released a video and claimed that Taliban fighters were evident of heavy casualties during last night operation in Farah center. Mr. Salangi said: “in this fight Taliban were defeated and sent back from Farah, at least 300 Talib fighters were dead and injured during clashes. Around 25 Afghan Military man were killed in this attack and 10 others got injured. In these clashes there was no report for civilian casualties.”

Farah governor also said: after additional troops were deployed in ground, they were able to defeat Taliban and they started their operation from night that Taliban were set back from Farah center. He said: “with those special tactics that afghan forces are trained they were able to defeat Taliban during last night. Taliban were looking to get some classified documents from National Directorate Security department of Farah, but they were unable. Even they were unable to capture any government institution.”

Abdul Baser Salangi Farah governor also said in his video massage: for preventing civilian’s casualties they didn’t use air and artillery support on this operation.

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