Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Latifa Sahel

The National Directorate of Security (NDS) has stated that Special Forces of this institution was able to arrest by releasing a newsletter, the newsletter has highlighted: “Special Forces of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) has arrested 2 suspects who were willing to transfer the number of military weapons to the Taliban militants. The suspects were named as Mohammad Omar and Naseb Shah, and they have confessed for their crime.” The newsletter has also stated: “These two suspects load military weapons into their truck and they were willing to transfer these equipment and ammunition to the Taliban group from the Ring Road Rat of Peshawar in a Taylor vehicle and plans to transfer it to Kabul and from there in order to Launching terrorist operations, assassinating individuals and disrupting public order security it was expected to be sent to Baghlan and then other provinces.”

According to the National Directorate of Security’s (NDS) newsletter, weapons and ammunition are including 3 rockets, 19 small arms, 2 firearms, 2 grenade launchers, 55 transmitters, 40 remote control beds and a mini remote control, and also a large amount of ammunition and some other weapons that had been deftly deployed in Tyler’s vehicle.

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