Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

Kabul police accused that they were able to detain 35 people in charges of violating yesterday’s protest in Kabul University. According to reports yesterday clash was reported as allegedly Hazara students were marching due to increase of insecurity in Ghazni, according to reports Event witnesses have different views on this subject. A group of students have argued that the clashes and protests took place after the verbal violence between the Hazara and Pashtun students were darkened. Meanwhile, the University of Kabul has published a newsletter that the conflict began with the verbal abuse of two students while they were eating lunch, and then the parties gave ethnic color to this issue.

The Kabul police commander said a student had been killed and at least 19 others were injured in these clashes. Meanwhile, Basir Mujahid, the head of the Kabul Police Command’s media office, told media that police had arrested 35 people so far in connection with the conflict. He added that the Kabul University dormitory is under the control of the security forces and no one was allowed to enter the university after yesterday’s incident.

However, the Afghan Ministry of Higher Education sees the conflict between students uninterruptedly in the dining room, but insists that the agency has begun its investigations. The campus’s dormitory has been closed since yesterday to students since most of them are from distant provinces. It is also said that the Ministry of Higher Education will announce its decision on the reopening of the dormitory on Saturday.

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