Pasbanan- Kabul:

Counternarcotics justice center claimed that they were able to arrest at least 77 people including 5 women in recent month for trafficking drugs. According to the newsletter released by this center counternarcotics police and other encounter, forces were able to seize 13331-kilo heroin, 378532-kilo opium, 305156-kilo hashish, 31.9-kilo solid chemical material, 25563-kilo crystal, 235-liter acid, and also 30 tablet K tablets from drug traffickers.

The newsletter has also written that at least 19 people of these traffickers were arrested by police in Hamid Karzai International Airport. Meanwhile, counter-narcotics prosecution office has announced that they have confiscated 8 transport vehicles, 58 mobile phones, 50158 AFN and 5050 US dollars to Afghanistan Bank. It is worth to say that Counter-Narcotics Justice Center has proceeded more than 50 cases in the recent month.


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