Pasbanan- Kabul:

After launching anti-Putin campaign and protest in Russia, police has arrested Alexi Nawalni anti-Putin politician and 1300 other protesters. While Veladi Mir Putin will inaugurate once again in upcoming days, his opposites came to streets and raised their voices against him. The protesters claim that Putin has Tsarist Autocracy.

It is worth to say that Alexi Navalny urged Russian citizens before launching the protest to take part in this protest. According to Navalny: “if you all think that Putin is not our tsarist come to streets in every city. We will force all the officials who are thief and fraud person to be credible in front of millions of citizens. And those who have voted for Putin they must ask for their rights from him.”

Veladi Mir Putin is 65 years old, from the year 2000 until now he is working as president or prime minister of Russia. Once again he becomes president of Russia in March of 2018 by getting 76 percent of votes. In the recent election in Russia 56 million people vote for him and once again Putin is selected as president for 6 upcoming years.

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