Kabul-Afghanistan (GSP):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

The Ministry of Interior has announced that anti-corruption forces were able to arrest of 23 employees of the Ministry of Interior’s logistical and financial departments, as well as the in charge of a private company in charges of embezzlement of 600 million Afghani from police logistics. The ministry’s newsletter states that Interior Ministry employees have been able to arrest Hajji Rasa, who was logistics provider of a private company, and also the interior ministry has barred Logistics deputy minister, General heads of Logistics and finance of the ministry.

According to the newsletter, it also states: “These people have been abusive in embezzlement of at least a huge amount of money for supplying logistics and food in 1397 fiscal year to 10 provinces of the country, and have been arrested after actual operations with evidence and proof. The leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has also ordered that the case should be investigated promptly by the accused, and, after completing it as soon as possible, give it to the judicial and jurisdictional authorities.

The Ministry of Interior spoke about the arrest of 23 people in connection with the corruption of millions, that still this ministry is considered as one of the corruption-prone institutions in the country, but officials in the Ministry of Interior say they are trying to stop this phenomenon as soon as possible.

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