Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

The acting head of Afghan National Defense Ministry has said in response to a Taliban bloody attack on 215 Maywand army corps in Helmand, that the Afghan National Army will take revenge of their victims from all the insurgents, especially those who have launched this horrific attack. Mr. Khalid, who had attended a coordinating meeting between Afghan security forces and a decisive resolute support mission authorities at Bagram Military Airfield, insists that the attack on 215 Maywand corps was planned beyond the hypothetical line of Durand.

Mr. Khalid says 26 military service members have died in the recent attack of Talib insurgents in 215 Maywand corps, but a source who was speaking in condition of anonymity told media that during this incident 50 militants had died and 40 others were wounded. Mr. Khalid also emphasized that Afghan security forces prefer peace with dignity, but they are ready to defend their geography in any situation.

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