Reporter: Soraya Ahadi

Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said that Afghan Kandahar floods will help seventy million Afghanis. Ghani said in a lecture Saturday evening in Kandahar: “Each family of the martyr, 50,000 Afghanis, each wounded family will be donated to 20,000 Afghanis, 15,000 Afghanis left to their homes, and 7,000 Afghans to each household damaged by their families, totaling 70m Afghani. ”

As a result of the recent floods, 26 people were killed and 73 others wounded, Hayatullah Hayat, provincial governor of Kandahar, said that the floods have lost two thousand livestock and a total loss of more than 7,300 families.

This is despite the recent loss of snow and seasonal flood damage in several provinces.

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