Reporter: Emran Khorasani

Ghani’s president said that Afghanistan is moving from one importing country to an exporting country in the “Transfer of the first export cargo from Afghanistan to India through the Chabahar port” in Nimroz province, and has made great progress in this regard. According to her, Afghanistan currently has an annual worth of $ 1 billion, and the target for exports next year will be $ 2 billion.

Mr. Ghani stressed that the current half-day was not 18 and 4 years ago, and that province has changed. Mr. Ghani said in the meeting that Nimroz province will be from a deprived province to a key province and become one of the country’s commercial centers, he will visit Iran and India to create facilities on the path to Chabahar and Turkey to rebuild the Silk Road thanks. Has done.

The president also emphasized the Silk Road on the sidelines of the visit, which, for generations, was the legendary road that has become a reality today, making Afghanistan the centerpiece of Asia.

Mr. Ghani said that Afghanistan is now shifting from an importing country to an exporting country, with Afghanistan’s exports rising from a billion dollars this year and will reach two billion by next year, according to new targets.

The president also emphasized that Afghanistan has always been the land of corruption, violence and incompetence, but it has now become the center of mobility. Mr. Ghani said Afghanistan has won the first economic reform in World Bank criteria.

He also spoke in an effort to self-sufficient by the government, saying that 18 billion AFN was saved in the national procurement sector, and this year, for the first time, 92 percent of Afghanistan’s budget was spent, which according to Mr. Ghani, this badge The donor is moving towards self-sufficiency.

Mr. Ghani ordered the Minister of Finance to install a quality scanner in the province of Nimrozu on the other.

The president also ordered the directorate of the local organs department, Abdulmatien Bey, to arrange the conversion of Neroz from the Third Class to the second-ranking province. Today’s Ambassadors from Iran, India and Turkey also participated.

The port of Chabahar was opened by authorities in Afghanistan, Iran and India in the month of Scorpio 1396. The role of the port has been described in the development of trade relations between the three major countries.

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