Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Latifa Sahil

The Ministry of Defense has published a newsletter stating: “during an air strike in Kunduz at least 13 civilians’ members of two family including women and children have lost their lives due to the air operation of foreign forces in the village of Talwaka area of Kunduz province.”

Meanwhile, Abdullah, a member of the victim’s family in the village of Talwaka in Kunduz province northeastern Afghanistan has claimed: “The air strike of foreign troops has killed all of my family members.” Mohammad Yousuf Ayobi, the head of the Kunduz Provincial Council, said, “The residents of this village gathered against the building of the province and protested against the foreign forces airstrikes and demanded the cessation of night operations.” the head of the Kunduz Provincial Council said.

Meanwhile, the Taliban have condemned this attack calling it brutalizing incident by releasing a newsletter and insist that they will soon take revenge on this deadly event.

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