Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Latifa Sahel

Local authorities in Ghor province say 18 people have died due to the terrorist attack on security checkpoints in Firoozkooh, the center of Ghor province. Mohammad Mahdawi, a member of Ghour provincial council, told media that 13 people of popular uprisings and 5 others Afghan National Police soldiers were killed in this Attack. He added that “during this attack, 17 security personnel were wounded.”

Meanwhile, Abdulahi Khatibi Ghour Governor Spokesman has said: “The conflict has occurred after the Taliban fighters attacked the security checkpoints in the village of” Shab Shogi “, 50 kilometers away from the western suburbs of Firoozkooh.” This incident has taken place in the areas in which it is related to insecure areas of the Ghor province, where the Taliban group is active in parts of the districts of this province that are subject to parts of the Turquoise Mountain.

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