Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Zabihullah Wafa

Local authorities in Ghour say: “At least 40 armed Taliban were killed in the Air operation of Afghan air and ground forces in Shahrak district. Abdulahi Khatibi, spokesman for Governor of Ghour have said: “During a special operation of Army, the base of Taliban group in the Sarataydeh area of Shahrak district which has been an important and strategic center of the Taliban for at least one year, but has been eliminated by the ground and air strikes by army forces.”

According to him, at least 40 Taliban militants have been killed in Operation of Security Forces that has been in operation since last night. The Ghour governor’s spokesman adds that the Taliban are not capable of confronting security forces and that the country’s military is on the move. Meanwhile, the press office of the Ghour police command also have said that a special operation of security forces in the Shahrak district in the province included Abdul Baqi, deputy governor of the Taliban group, for the district of Shahrak of Ghour, is among the 40 Taliban deaths.

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