Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Sanaullah Nawabi

Some sources in Helmand have claimed that at least 65 Afghan security forces, popular uprisings force and Afghan National police were killed in Helmand after the Taliban launched their attacks on security check posts in Sangin district of Helmand. Meanwhile, Hashem Alokozay, chairman of the Senate Security and Defense Commission, told media that at least 48 Afghan National Army soldiers, 10 local police and 7 police soldiers were killed in the heavy clashes in Sangin district. The incident occurred when the Taliban were attempting to launch attacks on military Check posts of Afghan forces and they were willing to seize some areas from these forces.

Local sources in Helmand claimed that these troops are mostly additional forces which were deployed to the area after Taliban attacked security check posts, but Taliban were able to launch a heavy ambush which occurred heavy casualties to the Afghan forces. On the other hand, the Taliban have claimed that they have killed at least 51 Afghan soldiers and wounded 11 others during this battle. So far, Helmand’s security and local authorities have not provided details on the number of victims of this incident up to now.

The Taliban, along with the advancement of peace talks with the United States, have also increased their attacks on Afghan security forces. This is despite the fact that the country’s security forces have emphasized that they have launched Khalid spring operations, and they are willing to act aggressively against the Taliban group more than ever.

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