Kabul-Afghanistan (GSP):

Reporter: Imran Khorasani

The conflict between the security forces and four attackers on the Ministry of Communications ended after five hours of conflict. An incident in which at least 2,000 civil servants frightened with the ministries of telecommunications, information and technology, information and culture and the Central Audit Office. At least 7 civilians and 3 policemen were killed and 8 others were wounded in this clash of Kabul which took place today, the Interior Ministry spokesman said.

The country’s interior ministry says that at least 1,950 civilians’ personnel were expelled from the event who were taken hostage by the attackers at the ministries of telecommunications, information and culture and the department of statistics. Meanwhile, the witnesses of the incident said that at first a striker blew himself up against the wall of the Ministry of Communications of the country, and then four other assailants struck for shelter at the central post office and fought for five hours.

It also reports that the ISIL was responsible for this attack and all the insurgents killed and the quantity of ammunition and weapons was also obtained from the attackers. It is still unclear how the attackers themselves came to the heart of Kabul, while residents of the capital’s negligence view security officials as one of the factors behind this terrible event. The conflict ended with the arrival of four strikers by the Special Forces of Police.

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