Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Compilation of statistics: Sayed Mujtaba Sadat

Report: Lutfullah Nejrabi

Afghanistan, which experienced good days after September 9/11 in 2001 with the presence of US and international troops, once again the conditions changed and it became a safe haven for terrorists after 2005, the Taliban insurgents once again begun their activates from Helmand province this time. By 2008, the group was more involved in small-scale terrorist attacks. But since 2009, Taliban has now become a political and military power in the country which is claiming to control major parts of Afghanistan, as the “US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction” has confirmed this issue in its most recent report that Afghanistan has recently lost at least 53 percent of its geography to the Taliban insurgents group.

Civilian casualties due to the wars of a decade in the country:

According to the United Nations Assistance Mission for Afghanistan (UNAMA) statistics, from 2009 to 2018 at least (91675) civilians have been victims of the fight against terrorism between the Afghan National Army and the Taliban. The statistics show that at least (32,114) civilians, including women and children, have died in clashes and 59,561 others have been injured in the past 10 years, with civilian casualties had raised sharply between 2015 and 2018. But in 2018, the death toll for terrorist attacks in the country has increased by 11 percent.

The number of civilians killed by the Taliban and other groups in one decade:

Civilians are more likely to be targeted by the Taliban and other terrorists in this devastating and breathtaking Afghanistan struggle over the past 10 years, which now includes international terrorist group’s presence and their fight against Afghan troops. UN statistics show that at least (22,340) civilians were killed by Taliban, and (6299) civilians lost their lives during state forces operations, and (3475) others were victimized by other parties and lost their lives in the last ten years. The statistics show that Taliban and other terrorist groups are responsible for 69% of the casualties. Government forces contributed to 19.6 percent of casualties and other forces responsible for 10.8 percent of civilian casualties in a decade.

Civilian casualties caused by suicide attacks and other terrorist activates of the Taliban:

Over the past ten years, Taliban and all other terrorist groups have always changed their warfare methods and, with various pretexts and using civilians as their shields, they have been tried to maintain their soldiers’ lives in the battlefield. Meanwhile, one of the Taliban’s most dangerous ways of targeting Afghan forces is using terrorist complex and suicide attacks. The United Nations has written: “Over the last ten years, 17057 civilians have been subjected by such incidents including women and children which were victims of sectarian attacks and suicide bombing attacks of the Taliban. As a result of such incidents at least 4160 people have died and 12897 others have been injured. ”

Civilian casualties due to air strikes of the coalition and Afghan forces:

Since 2009, although civilian casualties have fallen down due to government restrictions on the Afghan and international forces, but after president Ghani took office in 2014 and while the Taliban insurgent increased their attacks against Afghan forces after withdrawal of International forces in 2014 they launched massive offensive attacks, from 2014 up to now Afghan government has urged Afghanistan Air force and collation forces to target insurgents nests by launching airstrikes. UN statistics show that at least 4425 civilians have been victims of air strikes in the past 10 years. The statistics show that at least 2402 civilians have died from such kind of attacks, and 2293 others have been injured. The number of civilian casualties caused by air strikes has risen sharply since 2016.

Child mortality figures in the past 10 years by both sides of conflicts:

During these ten years, along with women and men, children have not been safe from terrorist attacks of the Taliban, and also due to responses of government forces and their supporters in the past one decade. In the last recent decade of war in Afghanistan, at least 21,393 children have been victimized by the violence and clashes in the country, of which at least 6,636 children have died and 14957 others have been wounded. Mostly Taliban were known responsible for such violation and also using children as their civic shield against Afghan forces.

In response to these statistics, the Afghan National Security Council believes that the Taliban and terrorist groups are more likely responsible for victimizing of civilian casualties, especially those people whom are under their control and they are using from civilians as their shields. A spokesman for the National Security Council Tariq Arian announced in a statement yesterday in response to this report that the Taliban are targeting the security forces by changing their warfare tactics and using civilian and sacred sites, but the Afghan government emphasizes that as a system And as a responsible government for the international community they are trying to change their warfare tactics to prevent civilian casualties in fight against terrorist groups.

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