Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG)

Afghan government says: they were 93 percent successful in holding elections in 32 provinces of the country. Governmental sources told Pasbanan Media Group : “from 4900 voting center around Afghanistan, government was unable to hold elections in 300 polling centers, these centers were closed due to security and technical challenges.” The governmental officials also emphasize that, possibly around 8.8 millions of Afghanistan citizens will participate in election process and this process would be hold for tomorrow also.

Meanwhile some official sources say: “at least dozens of people were arrested in case of fraud for their candidates” also Fairoz Bashari told PMG that this afternoon Afghanistan army was able to carry election materials to Doab and Mandori distiricts of Nuristan province. Afghan government claims their success in a time that today several terrorist attacks scared voters, but with all these tensions thousands of Afghan citizens went to voting centers to participate in election process.


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