Reporter: Emran Khorasani

Ata Mohamad Noor chief executive of the (Jameyat Islami) and the past governor of the Balkh province told to president Ghani in a message: that the country is in an important political satiation the steeps for peace are in progress, we want from government specially from president ghani that they shouldn’t use from wrath and emotions in peace. Ata Mohamad Noor says: that everything is ready for the peace and should not lose this saturation cause of president’s position. Peace is the mean base of the nature and word, so we should try every way to bringing peace in the country by the Satisfaction of the people and maintaining the national interest of the country and preserving the achievements of the 18 years, we should use from smallest opportunities for bringing peace in country. Meanwhile the Mr. Khalilzad told to media that their objective is the to insure a ceasefire and Bainul- Afghani talks and without approvable there we will do nothing in these two cases fire.

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