Pasbanan- Kabul:
After months of bargaining and warnings to presidential palace address finally, Ata Mohammad Noor, resigned from his position and say goodbye to Balkh citizens at the first day of Nowruz. Mr. Noor announced at the first day of 1397 year that tensions between Jamyat Islami party and Presidential palace has been resolved. He did not clarify on which issues he has agreed with NUG government, but after 3 months of bargaining on Balkh Governors chair finally he resigned from this position.
He also reported that all tensions are finalized and in upcoming days 3 new figures will be introduced as new candidates for Balkh Governors position and after this process he will make himself ready for upcoming presidential elections. The ex-governor of Balkh once again emphasized on clearance of Abdul Rashid Dostom vice presidents file, he also urged on remaining of Abdul Raziq as Kandahar Police chief and requested from Government that they should not make new political files for political figures in the country.
Meanwhile, Sarwar Danish the second vice president of Afghanistan appreciate all efforts made by Ata Mohammad Noor in Past 14 years and he emphasized that upcoming elections will took place according to timetable announced by Afghanistan independent election commission. Mr. Danish also emphasized that all political tensions will be end in country soon and peace will come to Afghanistan. Afghan commemorate Nowruz at a time that in Kabul, suicide attack killed 25 civilians and injured at least 50 others.

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