Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Din Agharkhail

Atta Mohammad Noor, who is now attending the talks with the Taliban in Moscow, says that if this group thinks that they will return to the guerrilla warfare after the departure of the Americans, this is a pure issue and they will never achieve their goal. Mr. Noor warns to the Taliban, if they do not fight, they will be exaggerated by the presence of foreigners in the country. Mr. Noor says: “The reason that the United States today is in our country is divisive if we are brothers and if we stand unitedly together, no foreigners dare to come to Afghanistan or make an excuse to stay in the country. They will not have this opportunity.”

Mr. Noor also added: “If we are not refraining from our homeland, no one else will be more kind of us than to end the crisis and prevent the bloodshed and murder in Afghanistan. I call on the Taliban to withdraw from their position and they have an act of moral courage to secure peace in the country. Our expectation of the current meeting is that we can reach the earliest opportunity for an immediate ceasefire and provide a forum for the Qatar Summit. ”

These statements are being made when Mullah Bradar, the Taliban’s deputy political assistant, has also emphasized that peacetime will be provided in Afghanistan with the departure of foreign forces from Afghanistan.

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