Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Emran Khorasani

Mohammad Hanif Atmar, Afghan former National Security advisor and one of the rigorous rivals of Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in upcoming presidential elections, has warned the government today during his meeting with Atta Mohammad Noor former Balkh governor and Jamiat Islami Party executive chief has emphasized: “After 60 days, the current government term would end and the continuation of the NUG is illegal, our electoral team (Peace and Moderation) team plans to reinstate the government and they will launch interim government instead of national unity government.”

Mr. Atmar continued to emphasize and said: “This state of insanity and this imposed war must be stopped. The most important way in the present situation is for us to rely on God’s command, in which it emphasizes peace a peace in which the good of all the citizens of this land lies. But which peace must be fulfilled with justice. A peace that preserves our dignity and preserves the reputation of our republic and our Islamic system. A political system that relies on women’s rights and the rights of Afghanistan citizens.”

Although the presidential palace has not formally stated on this issue, Shah Hussein Mortazawi, the deputy spokesman for the presidential palace, has written on his Facebook page that still six months has left to run election campaigns, but the opponent has been campaigning before the lawful term and he has started his election campaign.

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