Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shershah Nawabi

The media office of Mohammad Hanif Atmar the presidential candidate has released a newsletter, claiming that President Ghani has insulted to the national figures of Afghanistan during his visit to Kunar province. The newsletter states: “Afghan President Mohammed Ashraf Ghani pay a visit to Kunar province on 6 of March and during his speech, Afghan president insulted Afghanistan’s contemporary elders. Indeed, the recent remarks by the president were due to his superficial understanding and his misunderstanding of the contemporary treasures of this land. ”

“In addition to insulting Ahmad Shah Durrani, president Ghani insulted Hamid Karzai as well, while Ahmad Shah Baba came to power on the basis of a national consensus and putting a wheat squeeze on his crown, and Karzai’s government foundation was based on Loya and the Bonn meeting.”

In this letter, Mr. Atmar office has also said that Hamid Karzai is Afghanistan national figure, and President Mohammed Ashraf Ghani has to end his propaganda debates by insulting national figures and unfounded statements to them. They have also urged the president to stop expressing this kind of false statement in the future.

Mr. Ghani said in his trip to Kunar while meeting with a number of Kunar residents that some of the political figures are trying to establish an interim government in Afghanistan. In addition, he emphasized that since the era of Ahmad Shah Abdali, he had been in power until the government of Hamid Karzai, all the violence and war in Afghanistan were in place due to reaching to power but he is the first to be elected president of Afghanistan on the bases of people’s vote and legitimately without External force support he has come to power.

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