Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Din Agharkhail

Qadirshah Hanif Atmar spokesman said in response to the statements of Hamdullah Moheb, Afghan National Security Council advisor who said that the United States was in direct contact with the Taliban in an attempt to overthrow the Afghan government, the spokesman of Hanif Atmar, stressed: “The large number of Afghan citizens, especially Some politicians have somehow clearly understood that some circles within the government are trying to sabotage the process of peace talks, which can only have one factor, namely that some of these circles are trying to achieve their own interest, and they are scared of losing their short term interest in permanent peace implementation in the country. ”

Mr. Qadirshah also adds: “The viewpoint of Mohab is about unreliable and emotional about peace talks that do not represent the thoughts of all Afghanistan people. The national unity government has repeatedly emphasized on the continued presence of US troops and continued cooperation, and the issue of national interests is not raised here, but the political interests of some political contexts that have been considered by the United States.”

The spokesman for Mohammad Hanif Atmar believes that Zalmay Khalilzad meetings and talks with the Taliban have a clear goal and that it indicates one point end bloodshed and enhancement of brotherhood in Afghanistan. “We want a fair peace that must be provided at the earliest opportunity, we appreciate Mr. Khalilzad’s efforts, which is an agreement between the controversial and contingent to end the Afghan crisis, and that the talks are on the same subject has been taken as Afghan citizens were willing. ”

According to Mr. Qadirshah, the government has now marginalized all trades with foreigners and is now struggling to challenge the intra-afghan talks. The National Security Council, however, did not comment on this issue.

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