Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Lutfullah Najrabi

After the Taliban announced their spring strikes throughout Afghanistan, in the recent issue the Peace and moderation electoral campaign headquarters in response to the announcement of the Taliban’s spring operation, the group argued that this group was trying to disturb the peace process in the country.

A spokesman for the Peace and moderation of Electoral campaign team has stated: “Following the declaration of the Taliban’s spring war, the Peace and Moderation Team condemns this case Saturday 24th.” While the people of Afghanistan are pursuing a peace process with new hopes, the start of the Taliban’s spring operation is under the so-called “Al-Fath” and is ultimately condemned by the Peace and Moderation Team.”

The peace and moderate election team added in their newsletter: “We call on the Taliban to stop fighting, while people’s hope for peace is greater, the group should not move away from the people.” This reaction comes in a time that earlier Zalmai Khalilzad considered the Taliban’s spring war as a major obstacle to the peace process.

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