Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shershah Nawabi

Mohammad Hanif Atmar, the country’s presidential candidate, says that the government is in the quest for the physical removal of faces from the body of the regime, which are members of other electoral teams. Mr. Atmar, who was speaking at a news conference, stressed that the National Unity Government has taken all the security features of its team members who were part of the current system with a tasteful attitude. “The government must now respond why it takes away faces from the system, which are members of other electoral teams,” he added. “At present, 12 members of the Peace and Moderation Election Committee, who were working in the government, have been stripped from there positions, and now their security is threatened. These faces shattered their breasts against ISIL, Taliban and terrorists to serve the country.”

Mr. Atmar continues to emphasize that the Moscow meeting between the Taliban and some of the political figures in the country was the beginning of the meetings between the group and the Afghan government and they have provided the opportunity for presence of government representatives at the next Taliban meeting with US officials in Qatar. “The government has been oppressive with the propaganda of the Moscow summit between the Taliban and Afghan politicians.” he says: “the government is trying to launch Loya Jirga summit, we believe that the government is pursuing to orchestrate the upcoming elections by using this summit. We urge all the parties involved and are participating in this meeting to seek a solution to the rule of law in the month of June following the constitution, because we are concerned that the government, will use all the governmental facilities for their own interest. ”

Mr. Atmar has also said that he has not consulted with presidential candidates in connection with the removal of the leadership of the electoral commissions of the government. He stressed that the national unity government should prevent political games and use of power. He also emphasizes that the government of Ghana is trying to accuse political figures of various excuse.

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