Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Emran Khorasani

The new wave of social media protests against ATRA organization now has become a tweet storm and it is boosting all over twitter today. In the most recent case, Twitter users believe the ATRA office is the college of telecommunication companies in stealing citizen’s asset and they are the most innocent. One Twitter user has written on his page: “Stop stealing of telecommunication networks; telecom companies are throwing money for various kinds of excuses, and ATRA is also a piracy partner of this institution.”

This issue has now also struck the president and the chief executive. Twitter users called on, President Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah the government CEO, 50-50 partner of the presidential palace: “Mr President and Mr. chief executive, do you know that telecom companies in Afghanistan have become the greatest swindlers of the 21st century. For various reasons, they steal customer’s credit cards and spend their money without the permission of the client to activate unnecessary services. ”

These allegations come as the ATRA office said yesterday that in response to the hashtag # “Where is ATRA?” We do not have anyone to run for us Facebook and we can’t answer the urges of customers. The appearance of the escape and weakness of the most corrupt chief in the Ministry of Communications, who wants to throw snow on the protesters. While the customer’s beliefs that ATRA’s chairman is also complicit in telecommunication companies.

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