Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

Atta Mohammad Noor, at the second Intra- Afghan Meeting between Taliban and Afghanistan Political figures in Moscow, called Taliban as brothers of all country citizens and insists that this group should lay down their weapons. Mr. Noor said at the meeting that the Taliban should not think they would win in this battle, because both sides of the conflict are scandals and the bloodshed between the Afghan security forces and the Taliban who are the sons of this country are increasing.

Mr. Noor continues to call on the Taliban to work honestly to ensure peace in Afghanistan and never to open up the ground for a new crisis in Afghanistan. Mr Noor called Taliban as his brothers, meanwhile previously known as Hamid Karzai and Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, who saw the Taliban as Afghan children and brothers. But on the contrary, with all the efforts of the former and current governments, Taliban have been fighting and every day the afghan citizens have sacrificed and mostly afghan civilians in Afghanistan are victimized of this war.

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