Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

Atta Mohammad Noor said that after the belligerence in Balkh, he and his colleagues tried to return Balkh situation to normal after the violence took place in the province, but the profligate circles within the government worked among the security forces, and they tried to increase the Tensions among Balkh citizens.

Atta Mohammad Noor has also said: “The use of security forces and military equipment against people is contrary to the laws of the country and the citizens’ trust in defending the Afghan security and defense forces that defend this land would be reduced by such acts.” Once again he thanked all the Balkh citizens for their support from him, he said that the people who responded positively it was an honor to me, Atta said that people in Balkh are cultural and they avoided violence at the same time, which means a massive change, and after the incident was in place no individual or group was affected following the situation Balkh event.

It is said that Atta Muhammad Noor will soon arrive in Kabul to discuss the situation with a delegation at the center.

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