Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

Two days ago, Taliban created calamities on the third day of Ramadan and mourned many citizens. According to official government statistics, this deadly event sent at least 10 people to death and wounded 20 other including civilians. One of the neighbors of counterpart office claims that a week before the incident took place, he had seen a number of suspicious caches in the vicinity of the building, as far as they also shared their concerns on this occasion with the security officials of counterpart but they did not lesson to them.

“Before the incident, I think a week ago, at least five suspected people with suspicious figures and strange clothes were coming and going around the building of the Counterpart office,” said Hazratullah, whose house was severely damaged by the incident. I saw by my eyes that these suspects are coming to our street many times, as we were aware of the treats that this organizations received earlier, we shared all of our observation and concerns on this regard especially about presence of suspicious people in the area with the security authorities of the administration, but they neglected. ”

An employee of this institution, who is severely wounded and does not want to be named, says in interviews with Pasbanan Media Group News agency: “When the event took place, we all went to the designated hideouts. No one was informed about these safe rooms except the employees, but after ten minutes an attacker came near to the same safe room that we were hiding their and blew himself up, which destroyed the gate of safe room. I can definitely say that those who were involved in the event were having some connection and cooperation with some assets in our office otherwise no one was able about this issue. ”

In reply to this, the Ministry of Interior Affairs emphasizes that it is still time to make all-round judgments about this issues. Interior Ministry spokesman Nusrat Rahimi said: “Judging on how the terrorists entered this place is still ahead of time, let the investigation to be conducted, then we will share the result with the people.”

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