Pasbanan-       5 terrorists targeted Safe the children office in 3rd district of Jalalabad at 9:10 am. Ataullah Khogyani Nangarhar governor spokes person told media: first one suicide bomber blow up himself in front of Safe the Children main entrance and after that 4 other enter the office and started gun fire on the security forces. According to Mr. Khogyani police has rescued at least 58 people including 12 women. The spokes person said rescued hostages were Safe the Children employees.

Nangarhar province press office confirms that in this attack at least 3 people including 2 office guards and one civilian was killed during the operation and 25 others including 3 policemen were injured. According to security officials in Nangarhar after 10 hours of fight they were able to end it at 7 pm. After this brutal attack that ISK claims the responsibility Safe the children has postponed its activities around Afghanistan and they have called to their offices to shut down their doors.

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