Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Morteza Haidari

After the six-year-old Mahsa’s murder, her killing case is currently at the desk of Attorney general; Mahsa’s family once again called for justice in their meeting with the Attorney General. Prosecutor General Farid Hamidi insists that he will examine the case without any political, ethnic, social or other interests, and justice will be provided. Hamidi adds: “I assure you, just as the laws of Afghanistan we will observe the case and predict. We will provide justice and enforce the law. The Attorney General’s Office will implement the law decisively and seriously, and it will be proven that we stand without any consideration against corruption and crimes; in this case, no case will be left out of the justice system. ”

The Attorney General’s office emphasizes that, in addition to the Mahsa case, it will be taken seriously. “We can only bring families, comfort, security and confidence through justice and law enforcement,” he said in a meeting with the six-year-old Mahsa family. “One of the philosophies of justice is that a society that has been damaged by crime must be restored. The law is for the defense of the rights and freedoms of the Afghan people, and the law enforcement will impose in the highlights of impartially, honestly and fairly.”

The Mahsa family, who is now mourning at their six-year-old murder, emphasizes that the kidnappers of this incident must be executed. They have argued that the Mahsa case should now be seen as the Red Line of Crimes in the country, especially in the capital, and the perpetrators of this terrible event must be punished.

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