Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Sayed Mujtaba Sadat

The General Prosecutor’s Office has published a newsletter announcing that, on the order of the Attorney General, a board has took the charge of reviewing the case of raping a midwife in Samangan. Jamshid Rasouli wrote: “In order to investigate the alleged rape case, 9 suspects who raped on midwife in Roe-Do-Aab district of Samangan, a delegation have been sent to the province from the center to review the event in a precise, coherent and impartial manner.»

The Prosecutor General’s Office also wrote: “In connection with the incident, nine people were arrested, four of them under the age, and five others are currently in custody of Samangan province. Although the case has been reviewed by the District Court of Appeal of Samangan. But the Attorney General has sent the delegation to that province for cooperation with the Samangan Appeal Prosecutor’s Office and to investigate this case seriously.”

The General Prosecutor’s Office has ordered the investigation into the case, according to reports that nine days ago, nine people entered the health clinic on the pretext that they were ill, and then raped over the midwife in the hospital in front of his father’s eyes, his wife and children.

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